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Casa Kimball, Dominican Republic

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theWhen it comes to the  Caribbean,  loved-up honeymooners, sun-dried Oligarchs and watered-down Piña Coladas can occasionally pinch the punch from your rum.

Should you yearn for something a little more refined however, Casa Kimball could offer a worthy alternative. Perched on a cliff edge on the Dominican Republic’s rugged North coast, this private villa - with its gentle architectural nod to the international style - is a picture of secluded elegance.
With eight generously sized suites, a roof-top lounge and a dining-room-cum-terrace: all the standard bases are covered. The two bars, cliff side Jacuzzi and dramatic 45--meter infinity pool, however, will undoubtedly provide ample opportunity for entertainment at all hours.

Glassy openness and muted, stony hues lead architect Rangr Studio’s design, sensibly allowing the deep blues of the Atlantic to dominate. All eight of the suites boast panoramic views of the horizon, whilst private balconies and terraces provide ideal spots from which to drink-in the sunset and a pitcher of the predictably potent Dominican National drink, Mamajuana. Should the seclusion prove too much however, the decked-out media centre and wireless Internet access will provide those reluctant to relax with just enough connection to the real world.




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